Welcome to QC-Edu!

Welcome to QC-Edu!#

QC-Edu adapts principles of modern software development to develop free and open-source educational materials to modernize scientific education by integrating hands-on computation and computer programming. We also lead workshops where we provide basic training in computer programming, software development, and the QC-Devs software ecosystem, typically in the context of theoretical and computational chemistry.


QC-Edu courses features several new technologies:

  • using computer programming (Python and Jupyter Notebooks) to reduce the need for “tedious” mathematical manipulations and allow relevant examples to be considered

  • using interactive online materials (Jupyter Book) to promote active-learning

  • using automated testing (GitHub Classroom) to provide immediate objective feedback.

  1. Quantum Chemistry: Delve into the fundamentals of quantum chemistry in this foundational course. Explore key concepts, principles, and computational methods essential for understanding quantum phenomena in chemistry.


QC-Edu grew out of the QC-Devs community, and was designed to further QC-Devs’s mission to promote free and open-source software across the computational sciences, but especially in chemistry and physics. The leading developers, both at a strategic and practical level, are Farnaz Heidar-Zadeh, Valerii (Rick) Chuiko, and Paul W. Ayers.